The information technology department is a vital division that a modern and progressing company cannot do without, yet it is one that undeniably gives you the most severe of all headaches.

With a forward-looking leader such as yourself at the reins of a growing company trying to make its mark on a challenging and rapidly evolving business environment, time is a luxury you simply could not afford.

he down time dreary, budget forecast volatility, and the tedious chapter of sourcing for the right software or hardware would not only take a toll on you, but definitely the advancement of your company.

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Enter TechCare. The first and only IT care on a subscription business model designed especially for prevailing organizations which prioritize RAPID BUSINESS GROWTH and PEACE OF MIND. Far from the conventional IT services, we are introducing standardization and simplification of products and services tailored specifically to an individual organization’s IT needs, empowering the management with control, trust, compliance up, and improved financial transparency, thus enabling it to improve employee productivity and the capability to clearly and easily reflect the top line (revenue) and bottom line (profitability).

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With TechCare, you need not worry anymore about specifications, suitability, technology updates, retail pricing, maintenance, or even compliance. We design the software, hardware and all the IT infrastructure, making sure that you have the specs that are just nice for your staff according to their job natures, nothing more, nothing less.We are here to totally remove the IT burden from your shoulders, and let you focus on the more pressing day-to-day concerns of business. We have made it our mission to help businesses maximize resources by taking care of their holistic IT needs, impacting people and inspiring business growth along the way. We are changing how people think about IT as a service.

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Vision & Mission


To impact people & business growth everyday by maximizing their resources.


To help businesses maximize resources by taking care of their fundamental and holistic IT needs.